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5th August 2020 

Reflexology is a holistic approach to health not only looking at the condition but lifestyle, diet and exercise. It is a technique of using gentle pressure to stimulate the reflex points on the feet and hands to create a state of deep relaxation and promote the body's self healing processes. The theory is that all of the organs are connected to the reflex areas in the feet and hands and by stimulating these areas the positive effects of relaxation and wellbeing can be felt.
This safe and natural therapy can assist in improving and reducing symptoms of many stress related conditions.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Reflexology promotes physical and emotional wellbeing and helps the body to restore its natural balance. It does not claim to cure or diagnose conditions and it is not a replacement for seeking medical advice.
I am now offering Indian Head Massage which helps to improve concentration, increase productivity, relieve emotional stress and eye strain, relieve pain, give a feeling of calmness and better mood as well as promote healthy hair and improve the skin condition.